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Precious Case Dictionary App is an Android app that provides its users with over 1,500 legal cases ranging from a variety of legal topics in the following courses; Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Law of Contract, Legal System, Legal Methods and so on. The cases are easily accessible via an advanced search option which allows Users to search either by typing a case name, course, or any topic at all and the app displays in milliseconds, cases with the name or on the particular course and topics.
The cases come with an option to view its synonyms i.e cases with similar facts and judgment. And that’s not all. Users may also access the full law report of a particular case downloadable right to their phone or laptop. Totally offline and without needing internet access.



It has over 1,500 cases

Autocomplete search bar to find cases easily

Night mode theme

View cases based on topics, category and course title

View recently read cases

Bookmark your favourite cases

Share your favourite cases

Easily adjust font size to suit your needs




How do I download the app?

Download here

– Download manually from Friends/Classmates, or if you are in the University of Lagos, from the Precious case dictionary Agents (any bearer of the app’s badge). Receive the app through Bluetooth, Flashshare or Xender and install on your smartphone.

How do I get a password?

Once you install the app on your smartphone, you will be required to login with a password. This password may be gotten through any of the following medium.

-Precious case dictionary Agents: this is useful particularly for students in the University of Lagos

-Phone calls/text: users may also call/text any of the following numbers to make an order; 08163575622, 08182106720

-Social Media: place an order on Facebook (Precious case dictionary)*, Twitter (@pcasedictionary)*, Instagram (preciouscasedictionary)*, Whatsapp (08163575622) *

How do I use the app?

The app is best used with a reading material. The user types the name of the legal case he is looking for and the app displays the facts and judgment of the case. The user may also access other features of the app including; its synonym feature, comment feature, as well as several obiter dictums. The app may also be personalized to suit the user’s comfort; its font size and style may be adjusted to suit the reader’s eye, it could be read in day or night mode depending on the reader’s pleasure etc.



The app’s content has been constructed to suit your reading style and so it is most judicious to use with a reading material.

If you type a case name in the search box and the app doesn’t display the required content, try typing other words in that particular case name. For example: if you intend searching for Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball co [1893] 1 QB 256 you may type any of the words (‘Carlill’ or ‘Carbolic’ or ‘Ball’) in the search box, several cases with that particular word will be displayed for you to choose from.

NB: you may also search using the case citation.

For acronyms and abbreviations, type each letter without the dot (.) For example: if you intend searching for U.A.C. v Argo or Yabugbe v C.O.P, type (‘UAC’) or (‘COP’) to display cases like; UAC v Argo (1958) 14 N.L.R105, Apara v UAC (1951) 20 N.L.R17, Yabugbe v COP (1992) 4 NWLR Pt. 234, p. 152 SC etc.



Mr. Iwilade Akintayo Senior Associate, SimmonsCooper Partners

“The Idea itself is attractive but to actually create something that works is what I find remarkable. Kudos”

Toyosi Onikosi, Law Graduate

“As a student its great to have a study companion and sincerely i believe the Precious Caseapp fits into that definition”

Olamide animashaun, year 3 Law Student

I remember pinning cases in the app and getting back to them anytime and anywhere i am. Even in the bus on my way home. i must say that helped me recall the cases easily”

Tomi, Year 2 Law Student

“The thing i love about the app is the wide opportunity for improvements.”

Kaylu, Year 2 Law Student

“Technology is changing the world in ways we cannot imagine and I think its time Law students benefited from the ease that comes with”



There is a depth of experience; the team provides a wide range of expertise and has seen and done just
about everything

Ekong Daniel Precious

Founder Precious Case Dictionary

A graduate of Law from the University of Lagos with avid interest in technological solutions. Amateur Web Programmer with skills in HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PHP

Olaogun Toluwalase

Lead Programmer and web developer

A graduate of Computer Engineering from the University of Lagos with expertise in various programming Languages; HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, C++,Bootstrap,, WordPress, Android Framework etc

Ojifinni Abdul Naheem

Lead Graphic Designer

A graduate of Electrical Engineer from Yaba College of Technology with skills in graphic designs and motion animation. He uses softwares like Corel draw, Photo Shop, Adobe Aftereffect amongst others

Dennis Richard

Support Graphic Designer

A student of Geology from the University of Lagos with skills in web programming, graphic designs and motion animation. He uses prograrmming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PYTHON and software like Corel draw, Photo Shop, Adobe Aftereffect amongst others.

Research Team


  • Bali Omolabake Ruth
  • Sydney Folarin
  • Olaogun Joseph
  • Ojifini Fadil
  • Babajide Michael
  • Olufolajimi Otitoola
  • Olutoye Blessing J.
  • Olamide Animashaun
  • Omolumo Adeife
  • Omolade Olalemi
  • Blessing Shesupe
  • Oyeleye Olaide

Special Thanks To


  • Mr & Mrs Daniel Ekong
  • Barr. Friday Oriuwa of Friday Oriuwa & Co.
  • Akinoso Eniola
  • The Law Student Society of the University of Lagos

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Call: 08163575622, 08039144365, 08182106720

Email: preciouscasedictionary@gmail.com